Saturday, 5 July 2014

How To Blog Like Zoella

1. Use an Canon EOS 600D

2. Use the apps, Photoshop CS5 and iPhoto for Mac.

3. Get someone to design your template, a certian Dana Fox for example!

4. Give your blog a catchy name, like for example, if your name begins with the following: Zo, Jo, Do, Flo, Ro or anything that rhymes with that, add an ella on the end. If you are none of the above then put something you remember from being a toddler/baby, Like for example, my first word was Ja (meaning Jack) So I might call my blog something about that.

5. Use photo's in your blog.

6. Only blog once a month.

7.  Plan all your blogs carefully.

8. Start a youtube channel to go with it.

9. Make a living out of blogging and vlogging.

10. Be nice to everyone, respect your followers and Wait till you get 4m subscribers!

Hope this helped!

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